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I get lockdown but I get up again

calendario 03.06.2021
by: Flavio Oliveira
  • England
  • Middlesex County League
  • Premier
I get lockdown but I get up again

Having finished in second place in the Cherry Red books Middlesex county football league premier division. A league which is step 7 of English football, samurai will now be playing in step 6.
The Promotion which is achieved by application also requires the club finish no lower than 5th in the table. London samurai will count themselves as fortunate that a good early season form saw them go undefeated and achieve 4 wins and 2 draws in the months leading up to January.
It was at this point the UK government announced another lockdown thus interrupting the football season once again, as had happened in November. Many amateur and semi professional clubs and leagues suffered without being able to play or train during the following months. Once lockdown restricttions were eased on the 29th of March and football was again permitted, clubs and league organisers found difficulties in arranging their games as some venues/facilities remained closed. This led to all the leagues in Middlesex county finishing prematurely.
With the league finishing without all the games played London samurai achieved a second place finish and thus applied for a promotion into step 6. They will be playing in the 2021/22 season in the combined counties football league (division one).
During the 2019/20 season which was also interrupted by lockdowns they had finished 6th under similar circumstances and ineligible for promotion. Now that they have achieved it and with a bright post pandemic future ahead many eyes will be watching whether they can keep progressing. Relegation is the last thing the club would want but can they stay up without the help of lockdowns?
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