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Bedford Town fans on-side for second lockdown

calendario 13.11.2020
by: Andrew Shawn
  • Southern league
Bedford Town fans on-side for second lockdown

It is obviously a double whammy of the club’s finances suffering and the fans missing out on what had started as a great season. Andrew Neal, Bedford Town Supporters Club co-chair said: We have had to stop when we have hit a run of form under our new manager and are unbeaten in eight games, with a strong team.
We always suspected when the season started there would be another lockdown, so this isn’t unexpected.”

He continued: “It is more important that when we can resume, we see all the same faces back supporting the team.
We were lucky that at our level, we were able to go watch games once the new season started, and the club itself was able to implement social distancing policies to allow us to watch the games. If we have to miss a few weeks of watching games in order to protect lives, then so be it… It’s a necessity in the bigger picture so all of us can get back to our normal lives.” Source: Bedford Town Fans Loyal!

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