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It's competition time!

calendario 16.11.2020
by: NonProFootball
  • England
It's competition time!

We have some very exciting news! Starting from this month we have created two fantastic competitions where YOU the writers have an opportunity to earn cash prizes:

Article of the Week
Each week the writer with the best article will receive a cash amount of £10!! To decide the winner we will look at two major criteria:

  • Content Quality 
  • User Engagement
Writer of the month
In addition to weekly prizes we also have our prestigious monthly competition.  We will judge both the quality and quantity for every piece of work that each writer has done to decide who is the winner for writer of the month. We will then announce the winner at the end of each month. The winner will receive a £50 cash prize and be featured on the website!

Winners will be contacted via email where we will ask for your bank details so the winnings can be transferred.

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