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Maidstone United's Terry Casey calls for transparency over distribution of bail-out monies

calendario 21.11.2020
by: Daniel Patterson
  • Vanarama National
Maidstone United's Terry Casey calls for transparency over distribution of bail-out monies

Terry Casey is questioning the National League directors who stated that they had to act quickly to distribute the bail out monies and employed  a' methodology of distribution'.

''But what was the methodology?” Is what Casey wants to know.

“The board refers to the ‘methodology’ but still have not been prepared to explain the methodology behind the allocation of the money. We are all aware that the most fundamental element of the distribution is that over £6 million will be sent to just 23 of the member clubs, leaving the remaining £3.9 million to 44 clubs. With the balance of distribution so grotesquely distorted in favour of the higher placed clubs, it is difficult to find that their statement ‘the board do not represent their own clubs’ has any credibility.

“The fact is that these clubs have already each been given £75k more than clubs in the south and north divisions” he continued, “The board, who are heavily conflicted, also state that ‘the distribution fully complied with the terms of the agreement with Camelot ( the National Lottery providers). The fact is that Camelot have made it clear that they do not want to be compromised by having a position on this matter.The board members are denying any involvement as they are conflicted but by their statement they are obviously heavily involved. The members state that ‘the majority of the clubs are perfectly happy with the distribution’. These are the clubs who been given many times more in compensation than they have lost. Under those circumstances they have every right to be ‘perfectly happy’.

The National League and the government reassured us that the funding would be distributed according to lost gate revenue. This has not happened. It has put our very existence into turmoil while others are enjoying their windfall”, he concluded. Source: Craig Tucker and Kent Online

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