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More Fans Throng The Stadiums As Clitheroe Expands Audience Capacity

calendario 23.12.2020
by: Richard Vicarage
  • England
  • Northern
More Fans Throng The Stadiums As Clitheroe Expands Audience Capacity

According to latest updates, Clitheroe will play against Kendal Town tonight with an increased attendance of 375, with covid restrictions previously narrowing it to 200 only. Ribble Valley Borough Council, responsible for reviewing procedures, has also agreed to increase it to 400 if the situation is assessed to be safe. Clitheroe is expected to take on Kendal Town at Shawbirdge with an greater attendance, the result of discussions with their local councils. 

There are also extra precautions to be taken, including wearing masks full-time, marking out seats where fans can and cannot sit, and having clear front ways so that fans can make their way out easily. The club has received several recommendations from the Covid Enforcement Officer, and also encourages others to communicate with local authorities to increase their capacities as much as possible under Covid restrictions, while also ensuring the safety of the players, staff and the audience.

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