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New Restrictions Announced by the UK Government

calendario 05.01.2021
by: Andrew Shawn
  • England
New Restrictions Announced by the UK Government

There has been a new announcement by the Government of the UK regarding the latest guidelines on lockdown and other restrictions pertaining to COVID-19. In this context, the immediate suspension of training and fixtures will come into effect, which is expected to have a long-term impact on ‘non-elite’ football. The following elements are included in the decision:

  • Women’s Football Pyramid Tiers 3-7;
  • National League Systems steps 3-6 (NLS);
  • Barclays FA WSL Academy League (excluding those falling under the elite status);
  • Regional Talent Clubs FA Girls (excluding those falling under the elite status);
  • Youth football (including under-18s), adult football and grassroots football – both indoor and outdoor. The only exception is organized outdoor football for disabled players;
  • Vitality Women’s FA Cup – categorized as ‘non-elite’ at the moment;
  • Regional National League Systems feeder leagues. 

All football players, football clubs, coaches, match officials, league officials, facility providers and volunteers are required to observe these new restrictions as laid down by the UK Government. 

We stay united in these challenging times with the footballers, football fans and the larger football community. We request everyone involved to follow these instructions as best as they can for their own safety, and for the safety of others around them. 


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