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Urchins Claim a Superb Victory; One Step Nearer to Wembley!

calendario 17.01.2021
by: Andrew Shawn
  • England
  • Isthmian
Urchins Claim a Superb Victory; One Step Nearer to Wembley!

With their most recent victory against the Kings Lynn Town – and perhaps the most impressive one so far in the National League – Hornchurch has no doubt cemented their position as a formidable squad. With this third win, the club now stands as one of the top teams in the Non League Pyramid. 

The Linnets were defeated easily at the hands of Urchins – not quite unlike their predecessor Bowers, Dulwich Hamlet, Pitsea and Tonbridge Angels – who are now firmly in the fifth round of the league, a feat they have been able to achieve only once before in 2003-2004. 

While it might neither be easy nor fair to single out any player to give the credit of the striking win, we still think that goalkeeper Joe Right deserves a special mention here. So while Kairo Mitchell of Town led the first half against the Urchins, he could not demoralize them, who came back strong as Liam Nash kept bombarding to balance the score just minutes in the next round. Kings Lynn Town was playing with only 10 players after Rory McAuley was given two yellow cards. As the host team was unable to score any goals in the last 3 minutes, the match proceeded towards a penalty round, in which Sam Higgins, Jordan Clark and Ellis Brown each bagged a goal for Horchurch and Joe Wright saved all three spot kicks by them. The game is now a draw, and will resume tomorrow. 


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