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Chairman of the Fenmen wishes to end this season and bring the matches closer to the fans for the next.

calendario 25.01.2021
by: Richard Vicarage
  • England
  • Northern
  • Step 3-4
  • Southern - Division One
Chairman of the Fenmen wishes to end this season and bring the matches closer to the fans for the next.

The Northern Premier League (NPL) recently had made a statement about their desire to end the current season. Despite their statement, the NPL asked Wisbech Town for their opinion on continuing the current season, if permission for it was granted.

Chairman of Wisbech Town, Paul Brenchley believes that he spoke for the other step four teams as well when he stated that his club is not in a position financially to play the games they have left to play this season. Wisbech Town has played eight games this season. This leaves for them thirty more matches to play to move forward in the league. Brenchley believes that this is not just the case for his own club but many others also. His club has called for the annulment of this season and advised the Football Association in writing to establish a more localised, eastern division such as the Southern League Division One Central. He hopes for this division to be brought into effect next season and to stretch from Cambridge to Lincoln.

Brenchley explained in his statement that a more localised division would attract a greater number of supporters to the matches which would lead to the sale of more tickets. This is because it would bring the matches closer to the fans and reduce the cost and effort of travelling hundreds of miles significantly. Not only will the number of supporters of the local team increase on the stands but for the away team as well. This would not only spike a boost in the revenue generated but also in the morales of the players. 

Much to his dismay, Brenchley believes that the possibility of the formation of a new division is improbable. It will be interesting to see whether the FA chooses to listen to the club’s advice or not. Matches up-to and inclusive of Saturday, March 6th currently stand postponed.
  Source: Daniel Mason


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