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Season Continues Tomorrow as the Linnets Take on the Spireites Before Clubs Vote for the Season's Future

calendario 03.02.2021
by: NonProFootball
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Season Continues Tomorrow as the Linnets Take on the Spireites Before Clubs Vote for the Season's Future

The vote to decide whether the season should continue or not by the clubs is yet to take place. However, in the meantime, King’s Lynn Town are set for their clash against Chesterfield. The fixture is scheduled for tomorrow at Proact Stadium. 

With the current financial stress looming over the clubs, it is likely that King’s Lynn Town’s vote will not be in favour of the continuation of this season. There is a separate majority vote for playing the season of the National League (Step 1) and a separate majority vote in favour of playing the season of the National League North and South (Step 2). The chairman of King’s Lynn Town stated in an interview that he hopes that some relief is provided by the association to the clubs who cannot afford to continue the season in the case that the vote proves to be in favour of continuing the season as scheduled. 

In the face of the pandemic, the clubs are under much economic stress due to the sale of no tickets to fans. If the season continues, they’ll be forced to continue playing in an empty stadium due to the coronavirus situation. This financial hardship makes the decision on whether or not to continue the current season much more difficult to make for the sixty-six clubs of the league. Some board members of the National League have taken it upon themselves to start an online petition for the government to convert the loans given to the clubs into grants. This is because the clubs cannot afford to pay back these loans to the government and without grants, the future of many clubs will be at stake. 

Due to a positive coronavirus test result from assistant manager Paul Bastock, King’s Lynn Town was forced to postpone their fixture against Notts County. Following this, the club was also forced to postpone their match against Altrincham F.C after it was found out that their defender, Aaron Jones had also tested positive. King’s Lynn Town described the reason for these results as a ‘procedural error’. They have confirmed that they are facing a substantial charge against the league due to the situation and are currently under the course of appealing it. 

Manager for the Linnets, Ian Culverhouse hopes to rise back from the ashes after facing a defeat of 2-0 from Wrexham A.F.C on their own home ground. He described the club’s performance during the first half as poor and disappointing. He expected more from the club and hopes the club starts off games better next time. 

However, Chesterfield have proven to be a fierce opponent for any club ever since they signed James Rowe as manager at the end of November. Since the new manager was introduced, in nine matches Chesterfield has lost only once and won five matches. Source:


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