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Outcome of National League Vote

calendario 19.02.2021
by: NonProFootball
  • England
  • Vanarama National
Outcome of National League Vote

By the end of the voting process, the outcome has been declared: Step 1 season will continue but the Step 2 season will be terminated and all fixtures stand null with immediate effect.

At the beginning of the month, clubs were asked to vote on a series of resolutions that would decide the future of the current season. The first resolution asked the clubs if they wanted to decide the outcome of the two steps separately. This resolution required a 75% majority to pass and was subsequently passed with a whopping majority of 46 in favour and 18 against. 

The second resolution asked the Step 1 clubs to vote on whether they would like to terminate the current season. With a majority of 13-7 against, this resolution failed to pass which means that the current Step 1 season will continue. 

The third resolution was the same as the second for Step 2 clubs. Although a majority of South clubs voted to continue the season, not enough votes were received from the North division against the resolution. The resolution was passed with a majority of 24-19 in favour.

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