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Grassroots, Amateur and Non-Pro Football Panel

calendario 03.03.2021
by: NonProFootball
  • England
Grassroots, Amateur and Non-Pro Football Panel

On February 26th, launched its first videocast for the broad grassroots, amateur and non-league football eco-system.

The concept was to bring together stakeholders from diverse areas of football, and provide an arena for discussion and cooperation in the interests of the game.

Our guests for this first broadcast were:
Ollie Bayliss of the BBC's Non-League Show, representing the media.
Tobrise Chinose of Amateur Footballer, representing the amateur game.
Abi Ticehurst of Football in Berkshire, representing the women's game.
Dominic Taylor of Prime Football UK, representing the community game.
Claudio Izzo of, representing the non-league game.
The event was organised and hosted by NonProFootball's James Clarke.

The discussion kicked off with an analysis of all levels of the non-pro game and how far it has come in terms of visibility and awareness. All panellists agreed that the non-pro game has become far better at promoting itself, both through online platforms and the traditional media, and also that the scope for further development is massive. The importance of the game for promoting diversity, inclusion, the maintenance of friendships and mental health was discussed, particularly in relation to Prime Football and it's community-based programme for getting over-35s to re-engage with physical activity and positive human interaction. The topic of Covid was touched upon, and the devastating effect it has had on lower-league teams that rely on a steady income to keep their clubs alive. Finally, we covered the topic of fandom, and how formative experiences of football have affected our lives and provided access to a world of social and physical activity that is overwhelmingly positive and open to all.

The Grassroots, Amateur and Non-League Football panel will become a regular event and, hopefully, will be able to take place in real-life in the coming months. 

If anyone would like to participate in the next event, please contact us at

  Source: Grassroots, Amateur and Non-Pro Football Panel

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